Head coach of the club is mag. Anja Tolar Tomšič, II. DAN.

Soon after the founding Taekwon-do club Radovljica, in 1992, Anja Tolar Tomšič began to train Taekwon-do under the leadership of Master Željko Gvozdić, VII. DAN. In addition to regular coaching, active participation in matches in tools and sparring, already in the 90s she was awarded a judicial license and she was also an active judge at many national and international competitions at home and abroad. In 1996 she was part of the team at the 2nd Youth World Championship in Prague, as part of the national team. Here she had a unique opportunity and an honor to meet “father” of Taekwon-do, Grand Mastre General Choi Hong Hi.

Seminar in the 90’s with Grand Master Prof. Hwang Ho Yong:

The exam for the black belt level I. DAN was performed on 8.1.2000 in Zreče, before the Senior Master Emin Duraković, VIII. DAN, as the only female representative in the then international ITF Taekwon-do Federation.

After that she studied for some time in Ljubljana and train at Tiger club and the club Scorpio, then she lived and studied abroad for 10 years, where she occasionally trained in London (Bromley). On returning home, in 2013, she continued her training n Taekwon-do.

Examination for black belt level II. DAN was performed on 16.5.2015, before the commission of the Master Željko Gvozdić, VII. DAN.

Exam for II. DAN at Master Željko Gvozdić, VII. DAN:

He has extensive experience in working with young people, excellent pedagogical and andragogical skills, top knowledge of Taekwon-doo techniques and a long period of training Taekwon-do. He is a precise, focused and thoughtful person with an emphasis on diction, mutual respect and hard work.

Seminar with GM Trevor Nicholls, Znojmo, Češka, 2015:

Exams for color belts, 2015:

Znojmo Open, 2015:

Training, 2018:

She sees her place in the club as a coach and judge, and her mission is to lead all members on the road to their success, whether it will win in the championship or spiritual and physical sophistication.

Contacts Head coach of Taekwon-do club Radovljica: