Orderly system of promotion is part of every martial arts. The color of the belt in Taekwon-Do indicates the level of acquired knowledge. Upon successful completion of the prescribed tests for each level of the pupil receives a diploma and the right to wear the belt color, indicating a higher level of knowledge.


White belt 10. KUP Begineer
White belt with yellow dash 9. KUP Lower belt
Yellow belt 8. KUP Lower belt
Yellow belt with green dash 7. KUP Lower belt
Green belt 6. KUP Lower belt
Green belt with blue dash 5. KUP Lower belt
Blue belt 4. KUP Higher belt
Blue belt with red dash 3. KUP Higher belt
Red belt 2. KUP Higher belt
Red belt with black dash 1. KUP Higher belt
Black belt I. DAN Master
Black belt + II. DAN and higher Master


belt system


Meaning of each color:

White belt: Means innocence, a student who has no previous knowledge of Taekwon-Do, tree roots, where it all starts.

Yellow belt: It represents the earth from which a plant sprouts and root in it, when the disciple mastered the essentials of Taekwon-Do.

Green belt: Indicates growth, a student begins to develop Taekwon-Do skills and plants grow from the earth.

Blue belt: It means the color of sky against which the plant grows into a large tree, where knowledge of Taekwon-Do progresses.

Red belt: It indicates danger, first and foremost pupil draws attention to the self control and the opponent on danger.

Black belt: The opposite of white, indicating both mental maturity, sensitivity to fear and darkness and management of Taekwon-Do.