• Sabum Barbara Sitar and new black belts

    Sabum Barbara Sitar and new black belts

    Between June 3 and 5, 2022, exams for black belts and higher black belts were held. All exams were led, supervised and conducted by Master Mick Flaherty of the Ireland ITF organization. 5 members of the club took the exams. All candidates wrote the theoretical part of the exam on Thursday, which required in-depth knowledge of terminology in English and Korean, understanding of individual techniques and the importance of forms and strokes. The practical part of the exam included the implementation and demonstration of patterns, self-defense, power test, sparring on 1, 2 and 3 and free sparring, kick patterns and also special techniques.

    On Friday, the practical part of the exam was performed by the club’s head coach Barbara Sitar, who performed 15 patterns and showed an enviable level of knowledge and more than met expectations. Through the implementation of all the elements of the exam, she showed a tremendous amount of energy and effort invested through many years of taekwon-do training. She successfully passed the exam and thus reached the level of belt IV. DAY. The members of the club sincerely congratulate the new Sabum Barbara Sitar , IV. DAN and we are very proud of her.

    On Saturday, when Sabum Arif Miljković, IV. DAN from Austria and Sabum Barbara Sitar, IV. DAN, 4 more candidates took the practical part of the exam. They all demonstrated a high level of technical knowledge, through the execution of all patterns up to their belt level, as well as appropriate training in all the elements of taekwon-do shown. On Sunday, Master Michael Flaherty announced the results of the exams, bringing the new members to new levels:

    • Rok Knafelj, I. DAN
    • Neža Guštin, II. DAN
    • Ivana Sitar, II. DAN
    • Robert Guštin, III. DAN.

    Congratulations to all for successfully passing the exams and we believe that our common path of taekwon-do will be a long one.