• Many gold medals on German ITF Open

    Many gold medals on German ITF Open

    Taekwon-do klub Radovljica team attended the IV. German ITF Open in Dortmund, Germany with 7 members. The competition was attended by over 200 competitors from a total of 10 countries: Germany, Slovenia, Wales, Poland, Ireland, Spain, Albania, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. In strong competition, our athletes achieved excellent results!

    Children up to 10 years:

    • Taja Oblak: 3. place, tulls 8. kup, 1. place sparring -130 cm, 2. place, ‘running kicks’,
    • Marko Oblak: 3. place, tulls 4. kup, 3. place sparring -140cm, 2. place ‘running kicks’.

    Children from 10 to 12 years:

    • Neža Guštin: 2. place, tulls 1. kup, 1. place sparring -150 cm, 1. place ‘running kicks’,
    • Jernej Remar: 2. place, tulls 7. kup, 1. place sparring -150cm, 2. place ‘running kicks’,
    • Tibor Oblak: 3. place, tulls I. DAN, 1. place sparring -150 cm, 1. place ‘running kicks’.


    • Robert Guštin: 2. place, tulls II. DAN


    Our team especially praised the excellent German organization and extremely correct trial. Acknowledgment also goes to Robert Guštin for his judicial duties and Tina Oblak for successful catching of children and equipment, for coaching, comforting and encouraging competitors

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