• Friendly training

    Friendly training

    We had a highly valued visit this past weekend (6.9.-8.9.2019) from our friends Gerard Galinski, V. DAN and Iris Galinski, IV. DAN, from the German-ITF. They brought us a gift we will cherish as great treasure and will be the first decoration on the innocent white walls of our new dojang.

    Visiting Slovenia this weekend was also Gregory Bekkers, II. DAN from the Nederlands, a young man who is just few steps away from becoming a member of our club. He climbs our mountains, learns our language and shares his taekwon-do skills with us. Gregory helping us open this new training season. Gerard and Iris Galinski managed to extend their visit to a full weekend and have kindly agreed to join us in the weekend of friendly training.

    Unfortunately our new home is a little behind schedule and not completely finished so we found room in the primary school Radovljica gym. While Mr. Gerard Galinski was kind enough to point out few differences between specific types of movement in Taekwon-do, Mrs. Iris Galinski elegantly assisted with practical demonstrations.

    Our closest neighbors team Hwarang from Udine (Italy), lead by maestro Massimo D’eredita, V. DAN used the opportunity to come greet our common friends from Germany and the Nederlands. With their presence our training became a unique demonstration of connection and friendship being built between all the above countries. We begin our new season with high hopes, strong motivation and ready for all the future holds.

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