• European Championship Open 2017 Ariccia, Italy

    European Championship Open 2017 Ariccia, Italy

    Taekwon-do klub Radovljica on Saturday 25 and 26.02.2017, under the auspices of the ITF Slovenia, attended the European Championship Open 2017 Ariccia matches in Rome, Italy. With the participation of over 250 athletes from Italy, England, Switzerland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Greece, Albania, Spain and Slovenia, it is our 11 contestants achieved remarkable successes.

    1. place and gold medal::

    • Marko Oblak, sparring, to 125 cm, 5-7 year,
    • Tibor Oblak, sparring to 145 cm, 8-10 year.

    2. place and silver medal:

    • Marko Oblak, tulls 6. kup, 5-7 year,
    • Jernej Renko, tulls 9. kup, 5-7 year and sparring, to 115 cm, 5-7 year,
    • Neža Guštin, tulls 4. kup, 8-10 year and sparring, to 145 cm, 8-10 year,
    • Tibor Oblak, tulls 4. kup, 8- 10 year,
    • Medej Ručigaj, sparring, to 145 cm, 10-13 year,
    • Maja Habjan, tulls 5. kup, seniors.

    3. palce and bronze medal:

    • Lina Buhaj, sparring, to 155 cm, 10-13 year,
    • Ivana Sitar, sparring, to 155 cm, 10-13 year,
    • Naja Zupan, sparring, to 50 kg, juniors,
    • Barbara Sitar, tulls I.-III.DAN, seniors and sparring, to 70kg, seniors.


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    Competitors would like to thank the chief coach Zeljko Gvozdić, VII.DAN for more strenuous workouts pre competition, who are undoubtedly yield results. Thanks Robert Guštin to perform the judicial duty. Adult competitors Maja Habjan and Barbara Sitar thanks for the accompaniment, photographing and help with logistics. Big thanks to Tina Oblak for coaching and moral support.

    Since the game was just on Carnival Saturday, we also have masquerade.

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