• Chocolate Weekend 2024

    Chocolate Weekend 2024

    Taekwon-do Chocolate Weekend 2024 is behind us. Over 70 participants from 5 countries: Slovenia, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. A two-day seminar led by Master Michael Flaherty, VIII. DAN from Ireland ITF offered a lot of new knowledge, experience, learning fighting techniques and forms in two days. The first day was dedicated to the lower and color belts and the practice of basic fighting techniques, movement and lower forms. On the second day, higher colored belts and black belts were offered practice of higher forms and practice of individual elements of forms. The seminar gave us all a lot of motivation and inspiration for moving forward, for training and constant learning and growth in taekwon-do. Master Michael Flaherty, VIII. DAN excelled with his excellent knowledge and demonstration of techniques, superior teaching methods and approaches. We learned a lot, hung out with friends and are leaving with a great experience. See you again next year at Taekwon-do Chocolate Weekend 2025.

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