Željko Gvozdić was born in Karlovac and grew up in Zagreb, Croatia. With training Taekwon-Do started in 1972 in Zagreb club ”Center”, trainings are held five times a week for three hours. The result of hard work has been shown at the National Championship of Yugoslavia in 1974, when the sparring up to 65 kg reached the second place. I. DAN Željko Gvozdić 1976 awarded Master Sun Jae Park.


Željko Gvozdič exam for black belt 1.DAN Sun Jae Park, VII. DAN


Željko Gvozdić, tull Hwarang, NC 1976 Exam for black belt I.DAN

At the global level, the strife in Taekwon-Do has already started, in Croatia has started to gain in popularity WTF. To show their disapproval Željko Gvozdić stopped trainings; new Palka and Poomsa as it seemed a big step back. During this period he trained Taekwon-Do, Thai boxing (Muay Thai), Aikido. In the early 80’s he moved to Slovenia.

happy days of Muay-Thai,
Željko Gvozdić and Zoran Rebac


Siniša Pavić, Željko Gvozdić, goro-chagi – power test

tull Hwarang


General Choi and Željko Gvozdić

Željko Gvozdić and Zoran Rebac


Sparring – Željko Gvozdić and “Meki”

Demonstration – Djuka Kralj, II.DAN, dolio,
Željko Gvozdić, NC 1976

The new environment has been one of the reasons that he began to miss Taekwon-do, therefore, he founded in 1992 Taekwon-Do club and named after the place where he found his home – Radovljica. In a relatively short time, the club has become very successful. Today Master Željko Gvozdić, VII.DAN is the only one of the fourth generation of masters of the famous Zagreb School, which still teaches the younger generation.

Željko Gvozdić with Master Kim Ho-Tae

Master Kim Ho-Tae


Year 1995/96 – silver medals from Knokke-Heista, netherland,
Borut Kogovšek and Dejan Mencinger

European Championship, Trebon, CZ, 2002


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