• The first eTournament

    The first eTournament

    Taekwon-do klub Radovljica, in cooperation with the German ITF, held its first distance match on Saturday, 13.6.2020. The so-called eTournament was attended by over 60 competitors from 5 countries: Slovenia, Germany, Ireland, Austria and Poland. Our competitors achieved the following results in the race:

    • Taja Oblak, 1. place tulls 6. kup
    • Lukas Cvijetić, 3. place tulls 9. kup
    • Simon Bakoš, 2. place tulls 7. kup
    • Tamara Cvijetić, 3. place tulls 8. kup
    • Marko Oblak, 1. place tulls 3. kup
    • Tibor Oblak, 1. place tulls I. DAN
    • Neža Guštin, 2. place tulls I. DAN
    • Ivana Sitar, 2. place tulls I. DAN
    • Jurij Sitar, 2. place tulls 3. kup
    • Denis Škufca, 1. place tulls 1. kup
    • Barbara Sitar, 3. place tulls III. DAN


    Competitors participated by showing performances of tulls that they recorded at home or in the gym and uploaded them to an electronic competition system, through which the draw was also made and the draw list was determined. The competitors had a few days to prepare the videos, and on the day of the match the judges, led by Gerard Galinski, V. DAN from the German ITF, had to do their part. In accordance with the draw list, they evaluated the performance of the individual competitors in the pair and thus determined the winner of each round of the competition, all the way to the finals. The system of competition was very similar to that of a real match, except that instead of live performances in the match, the competitors participated with recordings of the forms. In the time of restrictions and social distance due to the COVID-19 virus, such a match proved to be very effective and successful, so we will prepare and organize such matches.

    The medals were distributed among the participating countries as follows: