• Participate on Taekwon-Do Chocolate Weekend 2018

    Participate on Taekwon-Do Chocolate Weekend 2018

    Taekwon-Do klub Radovljica participate on 2-day international Taekwon-do seminar of 2 masters in Radovljica titled ”Taekwon-do Chocolate Weekend” was a complete success (5 countires and more than 65 participants). The event was organized and hosted by the International Taekwon-do association Slovenia ITF with Master Željko Gvozdić, and co-hosted by the Italian ITF Choi Jung Hwa Organization with Master Maurizio Troiano and his assistent Maestro Evgeniy Em. Also we were proud to welcome our friends from the German-ITF the Galinski family (Gerard, Iris and Jana) and Maestro Massimo D’eredita’ from our brother-club from Udine. Thank you Mr. Arif Miljkovic from Austria and his team from ITF Taekwondo Klagenfurt, Austria. We would especially like to thank Mr. František Macek from the Czeck ITF, Znojmo for his strong support of our seminar.

    Detailed programme:


    – 10 till 11 / sparring elements warmup by Sabum Nim Evgeny Em

    – 11 till 13 / sparring drills, technique in 3 belt divisions by Master Gvozdic, Master Troiano and Sabum Nim Massimo D’eredita.

    – 13 till 15:30 / visiting the Chocolate Festival Visit Radol’ca

    – 15:30 till 18:00 / tull & technique in 3 belt divisions by Master Gvozdic, Mater Troiano and Sabum Nim Gerard Galinski


    – 10 till 10:30 / dynamic warmup by Sabum Nim Massimo D’eredita

    – 10:30 till 13 / 3 groups division: 1st group) 4. and 5. DAN continues Tul technique with Master Troiano, 2nd group) 3. DAN and lower degrees continued tul technique with Master Gvozdic 3rd group) all still able and willing for sparring drills with Sabum Nim Evgeny Em

    We invite you to follow us, as this is an annual event perhaps next year you might join us!

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