• 17 medals in Italy

    17 medals in Italy

    From Saturday to Sunday, 27. – 28.5.2023, the International Italian Open Taekwon-do ITF competition took place in Casoria near Naples, Italy. Over 250 competitors from 5 countries (Italy, Albania, Greece, Spain and Slovenia) took part in the run. On Saturday, there was a competition for competitors with black belts, and on Sunday, competitors with colored belts competed against each other. The 11-member team of competitors from the Taekwon-do club Radovljica won 17 medals and 1 cup, which is an excellent result, since quite a few competitors competed at such a level for the first time.

    They became medalists among black belts:

    • Marko Oblak, 1. place, sparring -45 kg
    • Neža Guštin, 1. place, sparring -50 kg, 3. place, tulls II. DAN and trophy for winning the mixed youth category in sparring
    • Tibor Oblak, 1. place, tulls II. DAN, 2. place, sparring -65 kg
    • Ivana Sitar, 2. palce, sparring -55 kg

    The medal holders between the color belts have become:

    • Oskar Škriba Arnež, 2. place, tulls 5. kup, 2. place, sparring -145 cm
    • Neža Tiringer, 1. place, sparring -165 cm
    • Brina Aleksić, 2. place, sparring -165 cm
    • Anastasia Simić, 1. palce, sparring -65 kg, 3. place, tulls 5. kup
    • Teja Staroverski, 2. place, sparring -55 kg, 3. place, tulls 5. kup
    • Ela Košir, 1. place, sparring -55 kg
    • Oleksandra Kadnai, 1. place, tulls 4. kup, 1. palce, sparring -60 kg

    We congratulate all competitors on their results. Thanks to Deana Škriba Ozvaldič for the excellent coaching, who was in this role for the first time and did an excellent job.