Trainings are classified according to the level of knowledge and competence of the members. Training is divided into the following steps:

  • SMALLEST: beginners and youngest
  • LOWER BELTS: 10. KUP (white belt) – 5. KUP (higher green belt)
  • HIGHER BELTS: 4. KUP (blue belt) – 1. KUP (higher red belt), black belts
  • UNIFORM GROUP: all members, regardless of the belt reached
  • HIGHER BELTS AND ADULTS: 4. KUP (blue belt) – 1. KUP (higher red belt), black belts and adults over 14 years of age, regardless of the belt reached

We have several types of workouts, training is usually composed of the following types of training:

  • PHYSICAl CONDITION TRAINING: The basis for a good competitor is physical condition and prepare the body to the effort. We run, we do stretching exercises, we practice flexibility and balance, learn to jump, fall and practice the exercises for strength and durability.
  • FIGHTS TRAINING: Learn punches, fighting techniques and tactics, rules of the contest, scoring in a fight, the rules for equipment and protection and performed sparring.
  • TECHNICAL TRAINING: Learn punches, punching techniques with an arm and a leg, controlling the body, we practice balance and flexibility,  we do stretching exercises, we learn form.