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  • International technical training

    International technical training

    On Friday, 4.9.2020, we opened the training season with a joint technical training with guests from Italy and Austria. The training was led by Massimo D’eredita ‘, V. DAN, with his team Hwarang team San Daniele, and we were joined by Arif Miljković, IV. DAN with the team of his club ITF Taekwondo Klagenfurt. The

  • The first eTournament

    The first eTournament

    Taekwon-do klub Radovljica, in cooperation with the German ITF, held its first distance match on Saturday, 13.6.2020. The so-called eTournament was attended by over 60 competitors from 5 countries: Slovenia, Germany, Ireland, Austria and Poland. Our competitors achieved the following results in the race: Taja Oblak, 1. place tulls 6. kup Lukas Cvijetić, 3. place

  • POSPONED Taekwon-do Chocolate Weekend 2020

    POSPONED Taekwon-do Chocolate Weekend 2020

    Dear friends, unfortunately, we have to inform you that the announcement of the Corona virus epidemic and, consequently, the measures, orders, recommendations and policies of the Government of the RS, NIJZ and OCS are canceling the implementation of this year’s Taekwon-do Chocolate Weekend. In agreement with Master Maurizio Troiano, who would lead this year’s seminar,

  • Joint training with German ITF and new black belts

    Joint training with German ITF and new black belts

    From Friday, 24.1.2020 to Sunday 26.1.2020, we hosted the Germa ITF at Taekwon-do klub Radovljica. Gerard Galinski, V. DAN and Iris Galinski, IV. DAN shared with us their knowledge and years of taekwon-do skills, led Friday’s training sessions for all our members, and Saturday was dedicated to senior and black belts for working on techniques

  • INVITATION – Chocolate Weekend 2020

    INVITATION – Chocolate Weekend 2020

    18.4.2020 in 19.4.2020 ITF Slovenia and Taekwon-do klub Radovljica hosted a Taekwon-Do Chocolate Weekend 2020 Seminar, which will take place in large and small gym of Primary school A.T. Linhart Radovljica, just in time for the Chocolate Festival. The seminar is jointly organized by ITF Slovenia and ITF Italia, in collaboration with the German ITF.

  • Corsi di formazione congiunti

    Corsi di formazione congiunti

    Taekwon-do klub Radovljica si collega regolarmente con club amichevoli in Italia e Austria. Venerdì 15.11.2019 siamo andati a Klagenfurt per un allenamento amichevole con Arif Miljković, III. DAN e il team ITF di Hwarang Klagenfurt. Eravamo molti di noi, ma soprattutto ci siamo concentrati sulle tecniche di combattimento. Sabato 30.11.2019, presso il Centro VERIGA abbiamo

  • Excellent results, 8th Challenger Cup, Barcelona

    Excellent results, 8th Challenger Cup, Barcelona

    Taekwon-do klub Radovljica participated in the 8th Challenger Cup in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain on 9.11.2019, under the ITF Slovenia. With the participation of 13 countries and over 300 competitors, we achieved excellent results: Pre-juniors: Tibor Oblak, 3. place, sparring -45 kg Juniors: Ivana Sitar, 3. place, sparring -55 kg Seniors: Zoja Lukač, 2. place, tulls

  • Friendly training

    Friendly training

    We had a highly valued visit this past weekend (6.9.-8.9.2019) from our friends Gerard Galinski, V. DAN and Iris Galinski, IV. DAN, from the German-ITF. They brought us a gift we will cherish as great treasure and will be the first decoration on the innocent white walls of our new dojang. Visiting Slovenia this weekend