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    On Saturday, 24.11.2018, almost 40 competitors from 4 clubs from 4 different countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Austria) gathered in Radovljica on 2nd CONDITUS CUP international friendly match in Taekwon-do. First, we conducted a joint training run by Edi Višković, VI. DAN, from the Istra Club from Pula, Croatia, so that we can learn from each

  • International Umpire training, Poland

    International Umpire training, Poland

    Master Željko Gvozdić with his team participated at an International Umpire training on the 27th of October 2018 at Olešnica/Poland. Organized by Polskie Zrzeszenie Taekwon-do ITF / Poland ITF and Master Jan Nycek the training was lead by Master Fernando Pérez from Spain assisted by Mr. Gerard Galinski, V. DAN from the German-ITF. A two part training: theory and practice

  • Preparation 2018

    Preparation 2018

    Taekwon-Do klub Radovljica organized preparations for the 2018/19 competition season, which was held from Friday, 7.12.2018, to Sunday, 9.12.2018 for a more successful start. Preparations were made at Pokljuka, at the Hotel Jelka and in the vicinity, the head coach of the Master Željko Gvozdič, club was hosted by the masters from Germany and Italy.

  • 2nd best team in Znojmo Open 2018

    2nd best team in Znojmo Open 2018

    On Saturday, 2.6.2018, Taekwon-do club Radovljica, under the umbrella of Slovenia ITF, attended the XI. of the traditional international competition Znojmo Open organized by the Czech Choi Jung Hwa Association under the leadership of Mr. Frantis Macek. We have achieved exceptional results among the schools from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Switzerland, Germany and Hungary.

  • Participate on Taekwon-Do Chocolate Weekend 2018

    Participate on Taekwon-Do Chocolate Weekend 2018

    Taekwon-Do klub Radovljica participate on 2-day international Taekwon-do seminar of 2 masters in Radovljica titled ”Taekwon-do Chocolate Weekend” was a complete success (5 countires and more than 65 participants). The event was organized and hosted by the International Taekwon-do association Slovenia ITF with Master Željko Gvozdić, and co-hosted by the Italian ITF Choi Jung Hwa

  • Joint training session in Klagenfurt, Austria

    Joint training session in Klagenfurt, Austria

    On Saturday, 7.4.2018, members of the Taekwon-Do Club of Radovljica, led by Mastar Željko Gvozdić, attended a joint training session in Klagenfurt, Austria, at ITF Taekwon-do Klagenfurt, led by Arif Miljković, III. DAN. After joint work on combat techniques, we divided into three groups and worked out forms and practiced various blows with children. Soon

  • Taekwon-Do Chocolate Weekend 2018

    Taekwon-Do Chocolate Weekend 2018

    21.4.2018 and 22.4.2018 ITF Slovenia and Master Željko Gvozdić host the Taekwon-Do Chocolate Weekend in Radovljica, Slovenia, which will take place in the large gym of Highschool for Hospitality and TourismRadovljica, just in time of Radovljica Chocolate Festival. The event organized jointly by the ITF Slovenia and ITF Italia in cooperation with the German ITF.

  • With GM Nicholls in Germany

    With GM Nicholls in Germany

    On Saturday, 10.3.2018, our member Barbara Sitar, II. DAN and Robert Guštin, I. DAN attended the international seminar in Bochum, Germany, led by GM Trevor Nicholls, assisted by Mastar Flaherty and Mastar Horan. The seminar, attended by more than 70 participants from 9 countries, provided an in-depth learning of technical impacts, sparing at 1, 2